Assembly in the machine tool area includes all activities required to produce an operational product from finished, machined parts produced in-house or purchased. Assembly begins with the design of in-house products. The mechanical designer designs individual components for simple and quick assembly, and if necessary also for disassembly.

Qualified assembly technicians are on the job in Germany and abroad. Servo-cylinders may be assembled in Germany or abroad, depending on customer preferences. Equipment assembly is also offered as a separate service.



Calibration machine

Production and assembly of a automatic calibration machine (aircraft scale) with production of all steel components.

Complete installation including simulations of the system in our premises in Biebesheim Germany.

Construction, assembly and commissioning of the 28t heavy equipment is carried out by our specialists at the end customer.

Customer service for assemblies

Global customer service is necessary for the global market, and it extends from component manufacture to assembly.

Logistical support, test run and startup are included.

Partial assembly of chamber
measurement door

Assembly tasks are sequenced from partial assembly to complete assembly of equipment and goods.

This process includes checking of parameters where relevant, e.g. torques at fastening points.

Measurement and
assembly tools

For niche markets and special builds involves assembly and production of assembly and measuring tools for commercial motor vehicles, dental equipment and equipment manufacturing.