Our experience of over 15 years in toolmaking is reflected in our products. SANDNER-Messtechnik GmbH takes on the role of partner and consultant in all phases of tool creation.

From planning and simulation with advanced 3D software to prototyping, even before actual production you can be certain that the end product will meet your requirements precisely. This approach guarantees the greatest precision in the fabrication of tools.

Tool fabrication:

- Prototype tools
- Cutting and progressive dies as well as stamping dies
- Measuring and assembly tools



From 3D model to production. Using progressive cuttingdies workpieces withcomplicated shapes can be produced in several steps ofa processing sequence.

Cutting tool with
guided punching

Sheet metal parts with complex shapes can be produced most economically at high volumes using a stamping tool.

- Tolerances of +/- 0.02 mm
- High shape accuracy
- Continuous quality assurance
- Short setup and production times

Overview of stamped parts

Stampings of various materials and shapes followed by mechanical forming processes that create the finished end product.

- Toolmaking and production
   from a single source
- Surface treatment upon request
- In-house tool repairs possible
- Short reaction times

Complete from
a single source

Complete production of turned and stamped parts to the welded end product with surface treatment.

- Mechanical design
- Production
- Consultation contacts
- Continuous quality assurance

Measuring and
assembly tools

Our in-house design and production capabilities yield a wide variety of high-quality tools.

- Mechanical design
- Production- Assembly
- Continuous quality assurance

Bending tool for handle

Our cost-effective in-house production capabilities result in various tools that meet customer specifications.

- Test studies
- Tool fabrication
- Production of parts
- Continuous quality assurance