Applications include measuring fuel consumption in combustion engines and measuring fluid flow. The high-precision measurement system has a very robust design and exhibits an accuracy of ± 0.15% of the momentary measurement value together with a large dynamic range. Its reliability has been studied over many years of development and experience in applications worldwide.

Measurement parameters include mass flow, total mass, density, temperature, volumetric flow, total volume and fractional flow. The measurement system is suitable for media such as gasoline fuel (leaded, unleaded), diesel, alcohol additives such as methanol, ethanol, etc. as well as equivalent fluids up to 100%.


Plug-in test module 3002

- 2 Analog outputs 0/4 to 20 mA
- 2 Relays: Flow direction/error
- 1 Pulse/frequency output
- Remote controlled zero
- Power supply 230/115 V
   AC -15 to +10 %,
50-60 Hz,
   10 VA alternating current
   18-32 V AC/DC, 10-20 W
- Display: 2x16 alphanumeric
   characters, illuminated
- Operating temp.: -20 to +55 °C
- IP00 dimensions for 19 " rack
   and table mounting
   128/142/190 mm (HxWxD)
- RS485 interface
- Weight approx. 2 kg

Fuel conditioning


Fuel conditioning heating/cooling with integrated sensor type 3001/250. Solenoid shut-off valve